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Boston Schoolyards

The public-private Boston Schoolyard initiative:
  • Renovated 88 schoolyards
  • Reaches 30,000 school children annually
  • Reclaimed 130 acres of asphalt and planted 200 trees
  • Invested $20 million since 1995 in BPS schoolyards
  • Pioneered the use of schoolyards for effective teaching and learning
In many neighborhoods the local schoolyard is a hub for children playing during the non-school hours. Not surprisingly, principals report that renovated schoolyards lead to increased physical activity (100%); improved student behavior (63.2%) and better relationships with parents and community (73.7%). Schoolyard Costs:
  • Under Mayor Menino's tenure, the city invested 1 million annually for schoolyard renovations
  • Schoolyards cost between $300,000 - $400,000 to renovate
  • An additional $200,000 is spent on schoolyard maintenance annually across the city
  • Schoolyards should be on a 12-15 renovation cycle, similar to city parks
Kids on Playground
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