• Rose Garden Volunteers
  • Kids in Franklin Park
  • Boston Common Frog Pond
  • Bikers in Franklin Park
  • Community Gardens
Imagine Boston To celebrate Boston’s 400th birthday, an ambitious citywide plan for the city’s future is in the works. The first participatory plan in our lifetime will include housing, transportation, arts, open space, liveability, climate change, and more. The city wants to foster broad public engagement, guide positive physical change, and support effective city government. What can park advocates do?
  • Attend Imagine Boston community workshops.
  • Join with neighborhood groups to figure out where new parks and open space facilities might be needed to meet changing demographics in your community.
  • Stay connected to Boston Park Advocates where we’ll keep you informed about future opportunities to weigh in.
Learn more about Imagine Boston 2030. Check the BPA calendar to see the schedule for community workshops. Chinatown Greenway kids
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