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Hurrah! On November 8, 2016 Boston voters passed the Community Preservation Act (CPA). Thanks to all who promoted CPA through their park or open space group, included CPA in e-blasts and social media announcements, and worked at the polls explaining ballot question 5 to those waiting in line. We did it! yes-on-5-success-graphic The Community Preservation Act sets up a dedicated fund for affordable housing, historic restoration, and parks and open space. Across Massachusetts 160 cities and towns have passed CPA since 2000 and benefited from nearly $1.4 billion for improvements. For greenspace advocates, a dedicated park fund is a dream come true. CPA offers huge benefits: Boston will be able to build new parks in underserved neighborhoods and restore features and facilities in existing parks - from basketball courts to field houses, walking paths to park benches. Kids on Playground Where does the money come from?
  • A 1% surcharge on property tax bills, estimated to be $23 for the average single homeowner. Low income residents, as well as low and moderate income seniors, will be exempt from the surcharge.
  • The statewide Community Preservation Trust Fund which distributes funds each year to communities that have adopted CPA. Money in this Fund comes from fees collected at the Registry of Deeds and from state budget surplus funds.
How much money will parks get?
  • CPA will generate up to $20 million annually. At least 10% or $2 million of this must be spent on parks and open space annually.
Each priority area: parks, historic preservation and affordable housing will receive 10% annually with the remaining 70% spent on one or more of the three components. The Boston Parks & Recreation Department has been cut and cut, or just level funded, for years. Mayor Walsh has worked to prioritize parks, but with other mandated expenses rising in the city, it’s been hard to fully support greenspace. CPA finally brings Boston a dedicated fund to restore existing and build new parks. Click here to learn more about how CPA has benefitted cities and towns across the Commonwealth and get more details about how it works. graffiti Bear cages  
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