• Rose Garden Volunteers
  • Kids in Franklin Park
  • Boston Common Frog Pond
  • Bikers in Franklin Park
  • Community Gardens

About Boston Park Advocates

Boston Park Advocates (BPA) is a citywide network of people and organizations who champion Boston’s parks and open spaces.  The network seeks to elevate the status of parks in the public dialogue, especially among public officials. We are park-connected groups and individuals who care about a healthy and vibrant city. Boston’s parks and open spaces enrich our lives and make our neighborhoods liveable. These places are our parks, schoolyards, athletic fields, streets, sidewalks, bikeways, community gardens, beaches, greenways, urban wilds, and reservations. We represent the myriad of organizations that use Boston's parks and open spaces. Join us!
Canoes on Neponset

Canoes on the Neponset River in Dorchester

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