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Welcome to the place where parks and politics meet!

The Boston Park Advocates is a network of park champions from across the city working to elevate the status of open space among candidates and policy makers. Are you involved in a park-connected group? Little league, community garden, tennis, outdoor arts, CDC, crime watch, ultimate frisbee, youth, bike, fitness, and park friends groups can advocate for Boston's parks and open spaces.   Check out the Park Advocacy Agenda for 2017:
  • Advocacy Bootcamp - Boston Park Advocates invites supporters of Boston open spaces to gather to network and learn about best practices from peers around the city. Come hone your skills as an effective open space champion. Learn more and register for this half-day training, taking place on Saturday March 11 at the Fenway Community Center.
  • Imagine Boston 2030 – What do parks need? What neighborhoods need parks? Don’t let development in Boston race ahead without attention to open space needs.
  • Community Preservation Act (CPA) – Finally, a dedicated fund for park restoration and creation!  We are working on developing a list of open space and recreational projects that could benefit from CPA funds.  Do you have examples of capital funding needs?  Please share them with us! Send us an email with the name of the property or location and a short description of the need.
You can be an activist for parks and open space. Sign up to get e-blasts about ways you can raise your voice for parks. Look for updates and advocacy opportunities on the News page. Meetings and activities across the city are posted on the Calendar.

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